Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quick Change of Plans

Yesterday at 4:30pm, we had a quick change of plans for the evening.

The sleep clinic called and had a cancellation for that night. Did we want to do the sleep study that night (a whole month earlier than scheduled)?

I called Gabe who was still working to see what he wanted to do since it was such a last minute decision. We agreed that we were ready to just get it done and over with. Even though we were both stressed out and nervous about it (more him than me since he had to take her), we decided it was for the best.

While Gabe finished up at work, I started to pack up an overnight bag for Avery and she helped me pick out her PJ's, books, and animals she wanted to bring. Pretty much all I told her was that her and Daddy would be going on a special overnight trip that night. I told her it was at the doctors office and that she needed to be a good girl and listen to Daddy and the doctors. That was the extent of it.

Gabe got home a little before 6, we ate a quick dinner and they were out the door around 6:30. They had to arrive at the office at 7.

I stayed home with the baby and of course was wondering how things were going all evening. I texted Gabe here and there, but didn't hear from him so I figured he'd get back to me when he could.

I was woken up at 12:30 from the crazy wind we had that night (so much for a good night of sleep-ugh) and checked my phone. Gabe had texted me back saying that Avery was completely amazing and that I'd be so proud of her. That made me feel good!

Cassandra woke up at 6am to eat and when I finished nursing, I got back into bed knowing they'd be home soon (they kick you out at 6:15am). Sure enough, 5minutes later I heard them come home. Unfortunately Avery was awake...we were hoping she'd fall back asleep in the car on the way home.

I came downstairs to her eating a doughnut and her hair was like a bird's nest-it was a huge mess!  I found out that they both had been up since 4am!

Basically, Avery was connected to 29 different things while she slept. Gabe said it took the tech about an hour to hook her up to everything. She had wires hooked up to her legs, feet, hands, chest, stomach, face and hair. I guess at 4am something came unhooked and the tech came in to fix it. Avery woke up while he was doing it and never fell back asleep. At 5:30am they decided to call it quits. I guess he had enough data though (thankfully!) so we're hoping things are good to go.

Gabe and I are truly amazed at how Avery did. Gabe said she was never told what they were doing. They just started hooking her up to things and she just sat there (watching videos on the iPad) and let them.

She never questioned what the wires were for.

She never tried to take them off or pull at them.

She never complained or cried.

She never asked to go home. (this from a kid who hasn't slept away from home except on vacations)

I guess Gabe went to give her a kiss and she said "but you can't kiss my face Daddy since I have all of these things on it." That was the extent that she talked about things. Even when she got home, she never talked about it. To be honest, it's the strangest thing! 

The morning was a little rough. Avery basically got about 5.5 hours of sleep last night so she was a hot mess when they got home. She was way overtired and completely wound up. We tried giving her a bath to get the paste out of her hair and it was a nightmare. She had a complete meltdown and screamed the entire time. Who would have thought that would have been the hardest part of this whole ordeal?! 

After running around awhile, Gabe finally got her to fall asleep around 11:45am and she took a 4 hour nap! I'm super glad because she really, really needed it!

We won't have the results of the study for three weeks, but we are so glad it's done and over with. And Avery was such a brave girl through the whole thing. We truly are proud of her!!

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