Friday, April 13, 2012


As of yesterday at 2:34pm, I'm now 33.

The day itself was uneventful. Avery is still recovering from her surgery so we didn't even leave the house. My Sister-in-Law and her two kids came over for awhile to visit so that was nice. It lifted Avery's spirits a little to play with someone besides me!  Gabe brought home some yummy cupcakes after work and that was our little celebration!  I got to spend the day with my girls and that's all that matters.

On Tuesday my Mom came out for a visit for my pending birthday. She brought along a yummy cassata cake:

She got me a few nice shirts and a gift certificate for a pedicure (can't wait!). My Aunts sent along "The Hunger Games" trilogy and I can't wait to dig into those either!

I had a few nice days though so I can't complain. Another year older.....woo hoo!

Cassandra was excited to rock a new outfit though!

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