Friday, April 6, 2012

Surgery Day (again!)

So yesterday was the big day....

Avery had surgery #2....her tonsils and adenoids taken out!

We were up early....we had a 7:15am arrival time with an 8:30am surgery time. We got there a few minutes late (yes with 2 kids you're never on time, especially when you have to wake both of them up in the morning!) and they took us almost right away.

We went to a triage type area and there were a bunch of kids already there. One was crying pretty much the entire time we waited and I'm glad it didn't freak Avery out! 

She was awesome as usual! They had a nurse come over and check a few things on her-temp, blood pressure, oxygen levels. Then another nurse came by with some arts and crafts which was really cute. Believe it or not, they had her decorate her mask that they used to "knock her out" for surgery! She put stickers on it and chapstick inside to make it smell good. She got to decorate an Easter egg and use a magnadoodle. They were really great with her.

The anesthesiologist came by and talked to us and then her ENT doc came by as well. The anesthesiologist came back and opened his arms to Avery and she happily jumped in his arms and away they went! Not a tear or sad face to be had.  She watched us as they walked away and didn't make a peep. She's amazing I tell ya!

Then it was back to the waiting room for us, which I think is the hardest part.

After about a half hour, they said we had a phone call from the doc from the operating room. Of course that freaked me out a bit, but he just called to say that they were all done and she did great. The adenoids got taken out as well since they were huge and we'd be able to see her shortly.

A nurse came out to get one of us to be able to see her. I ended up going back. They took me to where she was and a male worker (not sure he was a nurse) was holding her in a rocking chair. She was crying an odd cry like she did when she came out of her eye surgery.  I took the guy's place in the rocking chair and just held her while she cried. A nurse brought her a popsicle and I was surprised that  she ate it right away!  She had some moments of being in and out of sleep and some moments of crying really hard too.  At one point she really let out a scream and they gave her some morphine in her IV and then she passed out. I have no idea how long we sat there, but they eventually brought Gabe and Cassandra back so that we could get transferred into her room upstairs (since she's under the age of 3, they keep her overnight to monitor her). 

Luckily we were in a room by ourselves which was nice. We decided to keep Cassandra with us. We were told she wouldn't be able to be there and our plan was to take her to my in-law's at some point, but honestly the staff was great about her being there. They never hesitated having her in the pre-op area or up on the floor, so it was great. Had we had a roommate, I think we would have taken her to my in-law's, but since we were alone, we just decided it was easier to keep her there with us. 

Avery spent most of the day in bed. She was hooked up to an IV most of the time so she really couldn't get up. They had it in her foot so she wouldn't put her foot down or anything. Taking her to the bathroom was quite the chore!  She was in good spirits and watched some TV, the iPad, read books, played with her Minnie, etc.  She had probably 8 popsicles over the course of the day and was drinking juice like a champ. She really did great keeping herself hydrated!  They brought her meds every three hours and she was great taking those too!  Her surgeon came by around 5 and said all looked good and he said at that point that the IV could come out! 

Cassandra and I stayed until around 6:30 or so and then we headed home for the night since I knew she'd be getting fussy for bedtime.  Gabe and Avery went down to the playroom just before we left and she was happily coloring when we said goodbye to her.

Gabe said Avery has been up since 4am today! They ended up getting discharged very early this morning-around 8am or so, which was earlier than I expected! 

So far all is going well....she's starting to resist taking her medicine though which isn't fun and I know she's not feeling too hot because of it. Here's hoping she has a speedy recovery and is back to her normal self soon!

(and I didn't take any photos this time-didn't think of grabbing my camera at 6am yesterday!)

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