Monday, April 23, 2012

Three Months Old!

Today Cassandra is three months old already! Hard to believe!!

We finally bumped her up to size 1 diapers and I started putting her in size 2's for overnight-and sometimes she pees so much that she overflows them!  Most newborn clothes sadly have been put away.

She's still eating every 2.5-3hrs during the day now. Typically she wakes up 1-2 times overnight. She had one night that she slept 12 hours straight without getting up!

She has started a morning nap that starts anywhere between 9-10am. Some days it lasts a half hour and some days it's longer (one day was 2 hours!). I'd say the average is about 45mins or so. The rest of the day she naps on and's mostly short cat naps though. The nice, long naps are pretty rare!

Let's see...this month she made her first trip to Buffalo, had her first Easter, and survived Mommy going back to work! 

She has also turned a corner this month in that she is much easier to put down. She is content to sit and watch things now, where before she wanted to be held all.the.time. So that has been a big help! She is much less fussy and is smiling and "talking" a ton these days which I just love!!  She has also found her hands and they are constantly in her mouth. The drooling is out of control these days too-she'll soak your arm in no time!

Here are her pics for the month....the challenge was keeping her hands away from her mouth!

These are my favorites:

And as a refresher, here are Avery's 3 month pics!

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Joelle said...

they sound so similar.. short naps, letting us put them down more, hands ALWAYS in the mouth and drooling!! My 3 month post will look a LOT like yours! ha!