Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Trip to Buffalo

Today we went to Buffalo.

It was our first trip there since Cassandra was born. The last time we went was mid-January, about two weeks before her arrival.

We decided to wait until after she received her first set of vaccines to go. Mainly because I knew my Mom would invite people over to meet her and with it being winter time, I didn't want her getting sick! 

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and today is my Aunt's, so another good reason to go this weekend!

Avery got all dressed up for the party:
I asked her to strike a pose and this is what I got!

When we got to my  Mom's, it was pretty much a revolving door of people all day long. Starting about an hour after we arrived until the time we walked out the door, someone was there!  It was very busy, but very fun seeing everyone and having them see the girls!
Uncle Joe and Aunt Marion


Taylor and Rachel

We got a lot of nice gifts, both for Cassandra and Avery....including bunny ears!

Avery and Noah

Mom and Leigha

Avery and Taylor

Megan, Leigha, Cassandra and I
We had a really nice visit! And both girls slept from door to door....woke up and went right back to bed...perfect!

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