Thursday, March 8, 2012

Result 1

Today we got a letter in the mail regarding Avery's blood test results.

They tested for 2 things-her iron level and her ferritin level. From what I understand, ferritin is a binding agent that stores iron in your tissues.

They want her ferritin level to be at 50.  Avery's is 16. 

So they want her to start iron therapy....basically taking two medications daily. Then she'll have to go for a repeat blood draw (oh fun!) in 10-12 weeks to make sure the levels are going up. 

Of course they sent along the Rx's for the meds and a page with all of these do's and don'ts which of course make me nervous.  Vomitting, upset stomach, constipation are some of the side effects.  One of the meds will stain her teeth so she has to drink it with a straw. There are all of the guidelines as far as when she should take it and with what foods, etc.  Seems like a pain to me!

Anyways, we're going to contact her pediatrician to get his take on all of this too just to make sure it's the right step to take. We also meet with the sleep clinic again next Thursday for her sleep study results so I'm sure we'll be talking to them about it as well.

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