Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silly Girl

So yesterday I'm on the phone with my Mom. I'm holding Cassandra and Avery is in her room for rest time. FYI she has a gate across her doorway so that she can't escape her room.

Mom and I are talking and I hear Avery playing away up in her room-not a surprise.

What was a surprise was that a few minutes later, Avery is standing next to me (I'm downstairs)! Yes, she escaped her room, gate and all. This wasn't the first time either. Luckily it just means we have to tighten up the gate.

Even more of a surprise? Her outfit:

She had on grey pants and put her PJ pants over them. Then I think she was wearing 5 shirts-the one she was wearing for the day along with 4 others that were randomly on her-most of them around her waist! Yes she has fun trying to dress herself these days!

Silly girl!!

And look at this cutie-patootie watching her mobile in her pack-n-play:

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