Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Yesterday was good ol' St Patty's Day.

Yes, I'm Irish-a very tiny smidge, but hey, it counts!  My Dad came out for a visit and we decided to hit up the parade! 

The last parade we went to was Memorial Day last year.  There were not a lot of people, we had curb side seats and the parade lasted a little over an hour. I expected the same thing for this parade because I just assumed the Memorial Day parade would be a bigger deal. 

I was wrong.  Waaaaaay wrong!

The parade started at 12:30 and we got there around 1pm (we sat towards the "finish line" of the parade route). There were so many people that you couldn't get near the street! It was insane! Avery had to go on Gabe's shoulders just to watch what was going on (see the crowd??):

Cassandra was wide awake and kicking away-I think she was excited from all of the noise!

I had to feed her during the parade and after, my Dad held her for awhile-and she slept through quite a bit-even with all of the bands playing and sirens blaring! Oh to sleep that soundly!

Avery took a quick (very quick) seat on my shoulders too!
After we were there awhile, some people left so we did get to sit curb side which was nice.

We stayed until around 3:30 and decided to head out-and get this....the parade was still going! Yes, two and a half hours later!  Like I said....waaaaay wrong!

After the parade, we grabbed a bite to eat then headed home. My Dad left shortly after, but we had a nice visit with him!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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