Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I love nice, long weekends! Especially when the weather turns out to be gorgeous!!

Let's see....Saturday morning I went to the gym then after Avery didn't nap, we took her to a playground and out for dinner. We also brought out her potty seat to see what she thought of it. At first she was really excited about sitting on it.....

(tea anyone?)

But then the novelty wore off and soon enough she wanted to climb in it and take it apart, etc. Let's just say she's not ready just yet for this!

On Sunday we didn't do much in the morning. I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and then later I took Avery out shopping at Michaels'a and to Carter's to get her some new clothes. (They had a HUGE sale going on!)

On Monday we decided to take Avery to her first parade!! We went to the city's parade which was downtown. There weren't a ton of people there and we found seats pretty easily. Here's Avery waiting for the fun to begin!

She had her spot on the curb-up front and in the action!

She loved the horses!

And when the bagpipes went by, she got up and started dancing! It was so cute!

Avery and I at the parade:

We had to buy her a flag to wave around! Look at my patriotic little girl! I could eat her up!

After the parade, she came home and napped. Then we went to my in-laws' for a cookout. Gabe's sister and her family came and my Mom and Aunt Pat also came in from Buffalo to join us!! Owen had fun finding snails (I think he had 4 of them):

And Avery was very interested in them!

Avery and Owen played some catch with my Mom:

Avery with her football:

The cookout was great-we got to eat outside and relax! It was just a beautiful day outside!!
Happy Memorial Day!


Joelle said...

avery is getting so big! same thing going on over here with the potty.. i dont think she's "ready" for it yet.. and Im not either, ha!

Nicole said...

I agree! She can stay in diapers as long as she wants!