Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doctor, Doctor!

Yesterday was a day of planned, one not planned!

Avery was up once overnight Monday night with a real odd sounding cough. She seemed fine on Tuesday and went to daycare like normal. Wednesday morning she woke up and had a pretty rough coughing fit for about 10mins and it was a real dry, barking cough. I immediately thought it was croup so we decided to take her to walk-in hours at her doctors. Sure enough, she has croup and she also has an ear infection. We gave her a steroid to deal with the croup and were sent home with a prescription for Amoxicillin....he told us her ear looked like it had been there a few days and we could try to ride it out...only to use the drugs if she got worse, spiked a fever, etc.

Then it was my (scheduled) turn for the doctors. I went and saw an allergist (finally). When I had a physical back in March, I talked to my regular doctor about some issues I've been having since I was a child, and he referred me to an allergist. Unfortunately I had to wait almost 2 months to get in to see this guy. And even worse? He's going to do skin testing on me, but not for another 2 months! I wasn't too happy with that at all. I was hoping that they would have done the skin test yesterday when I went, but apparently I had to meet with the doc first to see if I'm "worthy" of being tested....which I guess I am worthy of that! He did give me some new allergy meds to take (a pill and nasal spray) so I'm hoping those do the trick until I see him again in a few months. I figure I've been dealing with this for at least 25 years, what the hell is another 2 months right?! Ugh....Oh, and today I went and got the stuff he recommended-yeah, $30 for a one month supply. That's going to cost me a fortune to do year-round! Yikes!

And of course tonight Avery spiked a fever so I had to run to the store to fill her Amoxicillin. Yeah, good times. Now she's on that for 10 days and giving it to her is not fun. I just hope she feels better soon! We're supposed to take her for a follow up for her eye tomorrow, but not sure if we will or all depends on how she feels in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Hope Avery is feeling better. Whoever heard of waiting another 2 months for a skin test? Obviously your GP felt the need to send you to an allergist in the first place! What pill are you taking and is it helping? Feel better!

Nicole said...

Avery is finally getting there-thanks! Her sleep is still really screwy which I'm guessing is from the steroids they gave her. Yeah, waiting 2mos for a skin test is crazy-I was hoping they did it at my first appt but I guess they do it differently. He put me on Zyrtec (I'm taking the generic-cetirizine) along with Nasonex and so far I can already tell a difference!