Sunday, May 15, 2011

Holy Day

Yesterday we went to Buffalo for my cousin Eddie's First Communion!

We went to the church first for the mass. My cousin is in the middle row in the black suit. After mass, we went for lunch at Pane's restaurant. We weren't in a private room which made it kind of hard to visit with everyone. They had a smaller menu (I assume it was for parties like this only) that we could order off of which was nice. The food was really good too! Here is the cake they had-it was really pretty and tasted yummy too!

Gabe and I at the luncheon:

My Mom and Avery checking out the fish tank there:

I have to say that Avery was SO well behaved! We haven't taken her to church much and she was pretty silent through the entire mass (which was about an hour and a half with all of the kids for communion). Then at lunch she was in a high chair for most of the time and did great! It was during her nap time so you never know what to expect and she was wonderful! I was so proud of her!

After lunch we went to my Mom's house and relaxed for a bit. On our way home, we stopped at my friend Megan's house to visit for awhile. We haven't been there in a long time and we had a birthday gift to give to Noah so we wanted to drop that off for him.

Avery and Noah at the table:
Checking out Noah's new big boy bed!
Giving hugs:

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