Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wilton Course 2, Class 3

Tonight was class 3 in my Wilton class.

I didn't do anything to prepare for this class, which was nice. I had so much icing leftover from last week that I didn't bother to make a new batch for this week. (And thankfully I didn't because I still had some leftover after tonight!)

This week we worked on three different flowers.

First was the daffodil. We were having some issues with our icing today because of the humidity so we spent a lot of time tweaking our icing while doing these flowers. They turned out horribly at first because our icing was too soft, but after thickening it a bit, they turned out pretty nice. This is one that the teacher made (with the junky icing...and it still looks better than any of mine!): Then we made violets. Except mine were yellow because I didn't make purple icing. These were a little tricky just because they are SO TINY!

And the last one we did was the lily. These definitely are my favorite so far and very easy compared to the others. I just think they look so real!!

So next week is my last class and I have a lot to do for it so I'll be busy baking this coming weekend!

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