Friday, May 27, 2011

Twenty Three Months Old!

Today Avery turned 23 months! Only one more month until someone has another birthday! Wow!

I would say her eating has been better these days-she seems to eat better meals. Although the past week or so she wants to sit in her highchair only now (not her booster)...which is odd, but we roll with it. The other night we went out for dinner and she ate the biggest meal ever-a bowl of applesauce, a hot dog, a ton of french fries, and a bowl of ice cream! We were amazed at how much this kid put away!

Her sleep has been all over the place, especially the last week or two. She had numerous days of not napping and then taking FOREVER to fall asleep at night-sometimes close to 2 hours! I'll be honest, it's been frustrating to me because I can see how tired she is in her face and yet she won't give up and fall asleep. We tried everything-earlier naps, earlier bedtimes and she still takes just as long to finally conk out. I don't know what's going on with her, but I really hope it gets better-for both of our sakes!

This month Avery also dealt with her first round of antibiotics. She had both croup and an ear infection so doing the meds for 10 days was not fun at all. She was a trooper though and really never acted too sick, thankfully!

Thanks to her Dora book, Avery now says "Hola" and "Soy Dora" which is too funny! She also sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Wheels on the Bus", and her new favorite is the alphabet song!! She skips maybe 1-2 letters, but overall does a great job with it. And at the end she says "Now ABC' won't sing me" (yep, every other word). It's so cute though and she sings it A LOT these days! She also started saying "please" on her own without us prompting her. Again, super cute to hear her say "More juice please Mommy" it!!

We finally bumped her up to size 4 diapers during the day. She still wears mostly 12/18 month clothes-especially pants because she's so skinny that they fall right off of her! She has a few pairs that we've had to take in a bit in the waist so they'll stay up!! (wish I had that problem!)

Here are the pics of Avery this month....
blowing Daddy a kiss:


I told her to smile:

Another smiling one:

I didn't get too many great ones this time-after I took these, she was saying, "all done" and was diving to get off of the chair...oh well!

Next month we'll have a birthday to write about!

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