Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a very enjoyable Mother's Day yesterday.

We all got up in the morning and gave Avery a bath. Then Gabe and I took turns showering and getting ready. We got ready to head to brunch at The Hyatt with my Mom, Aunt Pat, and Gabe's parents. Avery got all dolled up for the event too: This is our third year going here for brunch-it's definitely worth it! Apparently the remodeled the ballroom since last year and it looked really nice. We started out with some group shots before we hit the food.

Here are all of the Moms-Aunt Pat, Mom, Camille, and I (yes our Moms were silly with the flowers):

Gabe and Avery:

Gabe and I:

Gabe, Avery and I:

Aunt Pat, Avery, Camille, Mom:

Then we ate-a lot! The food was very good as always and it's nice that they keep some items the same, but change up others. We're all big fans of the dessert spread though-yummy!

After we ate, we checked out the children's room. They had 2 clowns in there-one doing balloon animals and the other doing face painting. They also had a children's buffet with kid-friendly food (chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, corn, hot dogss) and some stations for coloring. I asked Avery if she wanted something painted on her and she was dead against it. But I took her and showed her a boy getting an insect painted on his arm. Then she got into it! So we waited in line and I asked if she wanted a heart on her hand and she said yes! Soon enough it was our turn-Avery sat in my lap and we got ready! Here's the clown painting Avery's heart:

Close up shot:

Finished product (with glitter!):

The clown asked if she wanted one on her face and Avery said yes! So she got a little pink heart on her cheek! Here she is checking it out in the mirror:

Here you can see the little heart:

A pic of us with the clown:

Avery was also very interested in the escalator there and had everyone riding up and down it with her-too funny!

When we got home, Avery took a nap and Gabe and I also took the opportunity for a snooze-which we never do! That was a real treat! When she woke up, we spent some time outside playing with bubbles and chalk and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Then she ate some dinner and went to bed and we just relaxed!

I received some nice gifts as well. My Mom got me a gift card to the salon I go to for my haircut (and I'm waaaaay overdue!). Gabe and Avery got me a gift card to an ice cream place. And the cutest thing I got.....a gift Avery made me at daycare. They sent it home last week and it was all wrapped up in tissue paper with a nice painted bookmark attached (that she finger painted). I waited until Mother's Day to open the gift and it's so cute:

A little frame with her photo in it! I love it! Of course it's on display on the fridge!

I hope all of the Mom's out there reading this had a wonderful day!!

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