Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had both a busy and a relaxing weekend.

Saturday was a busy day.

It started off with us having a garage/moving sale. Gabe and I were both up at 8am (before Avery got up) to haul stuff out to the driveway. The sale officially started at 9am and we closed up shop around 2pm or so. It was ok-it still seems like we have a ton of junk left. We might do another one in June....we just didn't have it in us to do both days this weekend.

Before we closed up the garage sale, I went for a quick run. I think it was the first run I took outside since Avery was born! I just did 2miles, but boy do I feel it today. I think my body is in shock! And of course it had to be the hottest day to go running too! But I made it and I feel better that I did it!

Once Avery woke up, we went for a drive by the new house. We were shocked to see that we have basement walls!!! If you remember on Wednesday, the frames were up for them to pour the walls. So in a matter of 2 days the walls were done! Here's a shot of the house from the street: This is the future garage:

The side of the house-yep, we have a window!

More of the side:

After we looked at the house, we met our friends Julie and Richie for dinner. Carly and Brayden were there too of course! We just went to Bill Gray's for some burgers. Little Brayden is getting so big (he's 9mos now!) and look at those legs! Don't you want to bite them?!

After dinner we walked to the lake to feed some ducks. On our way, I attempted to take a shot of all 3 kids-you can see how great that turned out:

None of them looking at me and Brayden's hood is over his face! Haha!

We got to where the ducks were and were surprised that it was mostly geese and swans!

And it was cool to see the swans sort of puff out their feathers-it really looked like a heart shape! So cool!

None of them were shy either-they came right up by us for some bread. I found it funny that some swans had black feet and others were more close to a white color. And the other thing-the geese and swans hiss....seriously! It sounded louder than a cat-it was a riot!

Another shot of the ducks/geese/swans:

This was Avery's first time feeding any sort of animal (besides our cat) and she loved it! She would squeal every time they took a piece she threw at them! It was funny!

Carly feeding the birds:

Avery and Carly giving hugs:

We had a really nice time and it was such a nice day! We were supposed to go to the Lilac Festival instead, but I'm glad we didn't. With all of the rain we had, I'm sure it was beyond crazy there!

Today was more of a relaxing day for us. All I did was run out and bought Avery's birthday present and went grocery shopping. Other than that, we were home all day just playing with Avery! So it was pretty relaxing for us today!!

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