Thursday, May 12, 2011


We have some excitement in our house now!

Yesterday was dig day (or ground breaking day) on our new house!! Our long time waiting has paid off and our house is finally getting started!

Gabe drove out to the lot during his lunch yesterday to see what was happening and took a bunch of photos. Unfortunately they're too large for me to upload on here. The next time we go there I'm going to bring my camera so I can get some pictures to share with you!

Last night we had more progress on the house as well. We met with the company doing our kitchen and pretty much planned out the entire thing! We made a few adjustments to the layout (added a double oven, took away a corner of counter space, etc) and also picked out a few things.

These are going to be our kitchen cabinets (in the color rouge), and these are the bathroom cabinets (in the color saddle). We also picked out the hardware (knobs/handles) for the kitchen and bathrooms, but I can't find them online at all. The only thing we haven't picked out yet is the granite for the countertops. That is done through another company so we'll be doing that at some point. We'll be meeting with the kitchen place again so he can show us a 3D computer model of the kitchen and go over some stuff with us.

Yesterday was definitely an exciting day on the homefront!!

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