Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Celebration

Avery's daycare had an end of the year Garden Celebration yesterday. Sort of a culmination of "look how much we've grown this past year".

It was one of those proud Mama moments....ya know...getting nervous/excited for them, tearing up when they're "onstage". Yep, one of those.

All of the parents showed up around 4pm and we were asked to bring a light snack. I of course had to make some flower cupcakes to go along with the garden theme (they went like hotcakes and were pretty yummy!): All of the parents took a seat out in the playground area. Then the kids all paraded out. The toddler group went first (18mo-3yr olds). They started with a song playing on a radio about flowers and they did a music and movement type of thing. As you can see, Avery just stood there (shes all the way to the right):
Crouching down before the flowers grow:

After the toddlers did that song, they did a little bumblebee skit and song. Then the younger ones came back to sit with their parents and the "older" toddlers did one more little skit. Then the preschoolers did their routine. It was really cute!

At the end, the director brought out a habitat with 5 butterflies in it. They had bought them as larva and taught the kids the different stages it goes through-larva, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly. They decided to release them into the wild at the end of the celebration:

After the butterfly release, each family got to plant some flowers in the garden for the daycare. Then they had all of the snacks out for some mingling. It was such a cute party and I think Avery enjoyed it!

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