Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walk For A Cure

Today Gabe, Avery and I took part in the Crohn's and Colitis walk. Our friend Richie has Crohn's disease and we were asked if we were interested in doing a fundraising walk with them.

We took part in the walk two years ago as well (it was 2 weeks before my due date with Avery!). Last year we all weren't able to go for some reason, so this year we all met up to do it again!!

Julie ordered us some custom t-shirts and they turned out really cute!! You can sort of see them in the pics-on the front it said "It takes guts to live with Crohn's. Support the cure." On the back it said "Richie's Potty Posse" which was our team name.

Here is Avery and Brayden before the walk started: And Avery and Carly before the walk:

The walk went well. Avery of course only tolerated the stroller for a short time, so then we took turns carrying her, trying to get her to walk, etc. So we got behind our group here and there. I also think they cut the walk short because of the weather. I remember it being longer last time for sure. Luckily it didn't really rain-just misted here and there, but it definitely did not look nice out!

Once we finished the walk, Avery had to go and say hi to some of the characters that were dressed up!

Showing off her marracca:

and giving hugs:

She could have stayed with that guy all day long! It was cute! They did have a cookout after, but we decided to go elsewhere for dinner since it wasn't the greatest outside. It was a nice time though and we really enjoyed it!!

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