Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zoo Trip!

Avery's old daycare provider arranged a zoo outing so that we could get the kids together. It's been a few months since they've all seen each other.

So today was the day-and it was a perfect day for it!

Avery and I went shortly after the zoo opened at 10 so that we could have some extra time walking around. I wanted to leave the zoo around 12:30 to get Avery home for her nap.

Josie and her Mom met us there early as well and these two kiddos go to their new daycare together too! They are peas in a pod! Today they wanted to hold hands and it was so darn cute! They both had this huge grin on their face while walking hand in hand! Precious! After we walked around and saw the monkeys, rhinos, hyenas, tiger, snakes, sea otters, and wolves, it was time to meet up with everyone else. As soon as we met them, we did a quick group photo (I think one person is missing though):

Then the kids were bursting with energy so we hit the playground that the zoo has. They have a little water area so everyone else went to that while Avery continued going down the slide. She then took off and wanted to go see the monkeys again, but she ran in the wrong direction! So I took her to see the polar bear, penguins, and sea lions before going back to see everyone. She loved this polar bear statue!

Once we caught up with everyone, they were having lunch. Avery ate as well and we walked with them for about 5min before heading home. Despite my effort to get her home in time for nap, I think we waited too long because she never fell asleep for us!! So, it was an early bedtime for her tonight!

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