Thursday, June 30, 2011

Twenty-Four Months (TWO Years!)

It's official-my baby girl is now two years old! (When did this happen?)

This will probably be the last of the monthly photos I take-I started doing it because I had the onesies that said "X months" on them and then I decided to continue them for another year. But I said I was going to stop at 2yrs old so we'll see. Of course I'll still take a ton of photos of her, but just not on the actual date, in the same chair, etc. It gets to be a chore sometimes!

Avery still eats like a typical toddler-some days she packs the food away, and other days I swear she must be starving. Give the girl her fruit though and she's happy as a clam!

Her sleep is still pretty random. It seems like if she naps one day, she'll nap a few in a row. If she skips a nap one day, she might skip it a few days in a row. No nap = earlier bedtime which usually does the trick unless she gets overtired then it takes her awhile to finally pass out. I will say that she rarely cries up in her crib so for naptime, I'll leave her there a good hour and a half before I "give up" on a nap and go get her. She happily plays away and amuses herself which is good. If she were crying the whole time, it would be very hard to leave her up there.

She still loves to sing her songs and comes home with new ones from daycare all of the time. She recently started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" all by herself! In addition to saying "please" on her own, she also says "thank you" a lot without us prompting her. She also has said "bless you" to me a few times when I sneezed which is so cute! She is a little chatterbox and talks up a storm constantly. She pretty much says full sentences (or close enough to it) and for the most part we know what she's saying. She does have a few quirky words that only Gabe and I can decipher ("seahorse", "lollipop", "ketchup", etc) but for the most part she speaks very well.

She's still in size 4 diapers for day and we did bump her up to size 5's for overnight. Clothes are mostly 12/18mos still-although like I've mentioned before....she's so skinny that she needs a smaller waist size. She does have some 9month shorts that she wears and some of the 12/18 month ones are way too big on her! She'll grow into them eventually!

Avery went to her first parade on Memorial Day and loved it!

Another first this month was eating corn right off of the cob! She had to eat it like Mommy and Daddy and she did really well with it!

Mid-June I spotted tooth #18-another one of her upper 2yr molars peeking through. She still has 2 more to come in! They are taking their sweet time, that's for sure!

Also by mid-June Avery figured out how to jump! It's funny how hard they try to do it too. I think she figured it out when she went into a bounce house-I think the bouncing and watching the other kids made her finally get it. Since then, she does it quite a bit! She doesn't jump high or anything, but she definitely gets off the ground!

Another big milestone this month was that she went pee-pee on the potty for the first time! We were on our way home from Gabe's parents' house and the whole car ride she said "pee-pee" and "diaper off". Sure enough when we got home, she beelined to her potty! Gabe took off her diaper and she went! Very exciting!!

Here are the pics I took of her this month:

(yeah-this is her new smile now!)
I asked what she wanted to do with the giraffe and she told me "hug giraffe":

Then she said "give giraffe kiss":

I asked her to show me her teeth:

And a close up of the big girl:

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