Monday, June 27, 2011

Avery's Birthday Bash!

Yesterday was Avery's birthday party!

It started at 4pm thinking it would fit around her naptime. Of course she decided not to nap for us! I ran out around 2:45 to pick up some balloons for her and when I got home, she greeted me in her diaper and shirt and of course wanted to hold the balloons! We did an Elmo themed party this year because she really likes Elmo. We tried keeping it relatively small....just invited some relatives and a few friends-everyone we invited came so we had about 25 people (20 adults, 5 kids).

I did favors for the kids which I think turned out cute! I did the hard plastic (reusable!) Sesame Street cups, a Sesame Street coloring book (both bought at party city), a small box of crayons, a bouncy ball, and playdoh (bought at Target). I think the kids liked them!

Once Avery carried her balloons around awhile, I took her up to get her party-ready! She was not in picture mode, so this was the best I could get of her cute outfit:

A quick family shot before guests arrived:

Dining room set up:

We kept snacks easy-chips & salsa, pretzels/carrots and dip, and chex mix. Of course I bought double what I needed (guess what we'll be snacking on?!).

People started coming shortly after 4 and I think everyone was here by 5 or so. We had quite a few travelers coming from Buffalo so it was great they made the trip out for us!

Then it was time to eat!!

We did sub trays from Wegman's, and my Mom and Aunt made a pasta sald and a fruit salad-again, kept it pretty simple. I will say that everyone was pretty full though after eating!

Here's Avery ready to eat her dinner:

After dinner, we took a food break and let Avery open her presents...lots of clothes:

Showing off her Dora bubbles:

And testing out her new bike from Grandma!

She received a ton of nice gifts: clothes, the bike, bubbles, some puzzles, a Dora towel, coloring books, a ride on toy, a musical train, a bubble lawn mower, an "Avery" doll (FAO schwartz) with a stroller/highchair/playpen set, and a sand/water table!! She'll be having lots of fun with the new toys for sure!!

After presents, it was time for cake!

I decided I wanted to make her cake this year (hence me taking the Wilton classes). I baked the cake and cupcakes on Friday, then spent about 3 hours on Saturday coloring the icing (which took FOREVER!) and decorating everything. The actual decorating took less time than I thought and I was really happy with how it turned out!!

And the cupcakes:

And them all together (sorry pic turned):

At Avery's daycare they made her a birthday crown so I put it on her before we sang to her!

I have been practicing blowing out candles with Avery the past few weeks here and there. To my surprise, she blew them out on her first try! And we haven't practiced in about a week either, so she did awesome at that!

Of course she enjoyed a cupcake and some ice cream:

Carly and Brayden:

Once again, we were lucky enough to have my Grandfather in town from Las Vegas for Avery's birthday! So we always have to do our 4 generation photo! Last year's photo is here.

We all had a really great time at the party and are so happy that so many people came to share her special day with us!! Thank you to everyone who joined us-we really appreciate all you do for us!!

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