Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa Joe!

My Grandfather is in town for a few weeks (he's from Vegas). He's staying with my Dad for a week then my Uncle for 2 weeks. Since they're in Buffalo, I don't get to see him very much when he's in town. Today is my day off so my Dad and Grandfather came for a visit. And as an added bonus, today was also my Grandfather's birthday. He hasn't seen Avery since the week after she was born so I couldn't wait for him to see her!

I think he was impressed-he loved how she fed herself and how she crawls around like a maniac. She of course was shy at first when they got here, but she warmed up to them pretty fast.

Gabe put Avery in this huge bowl that I'm using for her salad for her birthday party. She was loving sitting in it-it was too funny!

Photo with Grandpa (everyone says she looks like him!):

And a shot with Great-Grandpa!

Four generations...doesn't happen too often!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! We'll see him in a few days at another birthday little girl's!

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