Saturday, June 26, 2010

1st Birthday Bash

First off, I'm going to apologize in advance that the next few posts are all about Avery! I have a few in mind that I want to do and it's all about my baby girl having her first birthday. So, I'm sorry if I bore you the next few days!

So today was the party of the year-Miss Avery's birthday bash! We have been excited about this and planning this for a long time! Let's just say that we had to book the party hall way back in like Jan/Feb...yeah...insane! And I found out about that from attending another birthday party. I decided back then to look into places for Avery's birthday weekend and to my shock, every place was booked except for this one....yes, 5 months ago! It's like planning a wedding people! The bad thing? This party hall is in a town that we don't live in and to book that far ahead, you have to be a resident there. The good news? Gabe's coworker lives in that town and offered to book it for us! Disaster averted!'s the party hall (it holds 100 people and is at a local park): Off of the back of the hall is a deck which faces a huge pond. It's really very pretty!

A few of our party guests were out looking at the ducks in the pond. Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great so not many people were outside for a long time. In a way it was good because the place had no air conditioning so we would have been really toasty if it had been hot and sunny out.
We sort of did an ocean theme for the party. Her invitations were on ocean paper, the paper products were all caribbean blue and pink, we had fish decorations and the kids' favors were ocean themed as well. The younger kids got sand buckets filled with bubbles, a water filled glittery bouncy ball, a cereal bar, and goldfish crackers. The older kids got a bag filled with glow necklaces, slinkies, mind teaser games, goldfish crackers, and swedish fish. Then of course was the cake table all decked out in a fish theme:
This was Avery's personal smash cake of a seahorse:

And this is her aquarium cake which was modeled after a Fisher Price toy that she has and loves. I loved the way it turned out!

I tried getting a good picture of her in her "Birthday Girl" bib, but didn't get a great shot:

Here she was trying to give her cousin Owen a kiss:

Family photo (and the only one I got of her in her dress-I'm a little upset about that!)
Thanks to my Mom, Aunt and Gabe's parents, we had a wonderful meal! We had roast beef on weck, pulled pork, green salad, tons of fruit, texas caviar, and baked pasta. It was all so yummy! After dinner, it was cake time! When we sang, I think Avery totally knew it was for her-she got this big grin on her face and ate it all up!

We had to get a shot with the hat on too!
At the end when we all clapped, she clapped right along with us! Too cute!
I brought out her little cake and the first thing she did was try to grab it. She didn't like the way the frosting felt, so she held her hand out to Gabe. He put some frosting in her mouth:

and as soon as she got a taste, she went to town:

like the smear on her chest?
She was having a hard time getting the actual cake, so Gabe started spoon feeding her some:

At the end, he held the cake up to her and she took a big bite of the frosting:
I'm mad this came out blurry...when she finished, he offered her milk and while drinking she did "soooooo big" was so funny!

And the aftermath of the cake...the chair was a mess (sorry it's sideways!)

Then it was time for gifts:


She started getting really silly during gifts-flopping all over the place and acting funny. I think she was way overtired by that point and was just goofy!

She got a lot of nice gifts from everyone-clothes, books, toys, etc. I think she really enjoyed herself and I know we had a good time. We had a lot of people drive in from Buffalo to celebrate with us which was so nice! I just wish I could have had more time to talk to everyone-I felt like I was all over the place the whole time. It was a really nice party though! I'm sad that it's over already!

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