Saturday, June 5, 2010

T Minus Three Weeks

Avery's birthday party is three weeks from today! Wow! Today is actually the RSVP date and I have yet to hear from about 1/3 of the people (lovely). So far a lot more are coming than I thought so I think it's going to be a big crowd. Most of the plans are taken care of but we'll have some last minute shopping to do when we get back from New Orleans once I have a definite head count. It'll all fall into place and I'm looking forward to it.

Speaking of New Orleans, we leave tomorrow! This week has been pretty busy-work, Gabe ran the corporate challenge, doing tons of laundry and trying to get packed and ready to go. I'm pretty sure we have everything we need. I already prepared myself that tomorrow and our return day next Saturday will be rough-full days of travel with a layover all going on through both of Avery's naptimes. We'll make it through, but it might not be pretty! We checked out the forecast for while we're there-yeah between 90-95 everyday we're there! So very hot (and humid I'm sure). It'll be nice to get away though-anything beats a day at the office that's for sure! I'll have plenty of updates when we return!

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