Thursday, June 10, 2010

These Sneakers are Made for Walking!

Yesterday and today were filled with lots of....walking! (notice the trend of this trip?)
Here's Avery getting ready to go out exploring!

Remember that Ferrari I saw Tuesday? Well, I saw it again today-although this time it was parked right on the street we walked down! So I got a nice close up of it for Gabe!

Yesterday Avery and I walked down Bourbon Street again. We went the other day, but only for about 2 blocks. I wanted to see a longer stretch of it so we went there again yesterday. This is the view down Bourbon Street:

The Absinthe House-I guess it's pretty well known

Another view of Bourbon Street

I decided to head back to the hotel going up Royal Street, which is one block over from Bourbon. I guess Royal Street has a lot of antique stores and museum-y type of stuff. We saw the court house:

And the architecture on this hotel was really pretty:

After heading up Royal, Avery and I stopped in the Canal Street shops (a small mall) to cool off. It's very high end stuff so we just did some browsing. After her nap, we sat by the pool for a bit. There were some kids in the pool so Avery was content to sit and watch them. She's still in her waterphobic phase so we didn't go in (yet). We met up with Gabe and headed to one of Emeril's restaurants called Nola. The food was good, but my God it took forever! They were quick with the appetizers, but the food took 45min after the appetizers were gone-it was a long, long wait, especially when you have a little one who will only tolerate the high chair for so long. After dinner, Avery went to bed and I got a pic of her sleeping! It was nice being able to peek in on her here because at home we really can't or she'll wake up.

Today Avery and I went to the Riverview Marketplace mall. It was pretty nice-lots of shops to look in. I bought Avery a cute NO onesie and myself a t-shirt. I picked up some yummy candy coated apples to bring home and some famous NO beignets to try-they were pretty good! Gabe got out early today, around 2:30, so we took Avery to the pool. She wasn't too thrilled at first, but stayed in about a half hour with us. She was a trooper.
For dinner we tried a place called Mulate's which was pretty close to our hotel. They gave Avery crayons to play with which she never had seen before so it was funny watching her:

They got taken away pretty quickly because she just wanted to eat them!

Avery and I at dinner (love her face!)

After dinner she played a bit before bed. She had fun looking out the window of our room:

with fish in mouth:

And I swear she played with the carseat for about a half hour!

Tomorrow Gabe is off so it's family day for us-yay!!

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