Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And Then There Were Three....

....teeth that is! Avery currently has 3 teeth coming in at once!

She got her first two (bottom middle two) at 7 months old and nothing until this past week. Everyday she's had a new one poke through-the top two middle ones and one right next to them. She's actually been pretty good about them too. She's woken up maybe twice overnight in the past week-so not too bad considering she has 3 coming in at once. She's been fine during the day-just chewing away on her fingers. She's going to look so different with them though once they fully get in-that gummy smile will no longer be around :(

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Joelle said...

ahh congrats Avery! - Samantha looks so different now with 2 front teeth.. she's definately not a baby anymore!.. Toddler time here we come! - PS...we have to get together ( i know i've been trying for months) .. but let me know when you're in Buff.. We just bought a house and we close soon, but still let me know, and we can try to swing over to your Mom's or something!