Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today Avery and I walked down by the Riverwalk to check out that area of town. It was only about 3 blocks away from our hotel, so it wasn't too bad.
This is the world trade center building right by the river:

Riverwalk sign:

The Aquarium (more on that to come):

Along the river is Woldenberg Park-it's a pretty small grassy area that has a few memorials set up. We were out and about pretty early so there weren't too many people there (and the ones that were looked kind of scary! Haha!). I took a few pics of the memorials though....Holocaust memorial:

I have no idea what this one is-it was on the other side of the park but it looks cool!

A bridge-no clue what the name is or where it goes!

We came upon the Steamboat Natchez:

And a nice fountain:

At the end of our walk, a nice looking Ferrari drove by so I had to snag a picture of it to show Gabe!

After our long walk, Avery had lunch and then napped. We hung out in the room a little bit, then met up with Gabe after his conference for dinner. Tonight we went to The Crazy Lobster, which was down by the riverwalk area we were at earlier. I decided to try Jumbalaya...yes it has shrimp in it and I don't do seafood at all....I wanted to try an authentic New Orleans dish while we were there so I picked out all of the shrimp! It was pretty good!

Avery enjoyed her dinner there as well (she loved the corn on the cobb!)-they had a band playing and she would clap after every song finished-it was so cute!


thekingpin68 said...

Hi Nicole,

Blessings to you, husband and family.

I arrived via Blogger next blog and your photo header jumps right out.


If I did that on my blogs I would scare people away.;)


Sandi said...

Does Avery pull up the tiny diner mat? We have this, but it is pointless as he pulls and pulls up the suction cups! lol

Looks like you had fun, your dinner looks delish.....I would have eaten the shrimp! haha

Nicole said...

Sandi-this was our first time really using it and she did pretty well with it all week. Towards the end of the meal she would start playing with it, but it was mostly when she was done eating!