Saturday, June 11, 2011

These Are the People in Your Neighborhood....

Today we got to meet some of our future neighbors....lots of them!

Sort of a funny story....a patient that I took at work probably a month ago or so had an address on the street that runs perpendicular to our new street (it's the busy street that'll be to our side). So I asked where on that street she lived (it's a pretty long street) and she told me....come to find out this woman is about 5 houses away from where our new house will be!! So on her way out, she asked for our email addresses-she said they have a neighborhood email list that they use and could she add us to it? So I gave them to her.

A few weeks ago, we got an email from the neighborhood saying they were having a block party. I emailed back asking if they minded if we attended since we don't really live there yet. And we were welcomed.

So, today was the party!

Yes it was strange walking into someone's backyard who you've never met and neither Gabe or I are big social butterflies so it makes it even harder! But we did it and we're glad we did!! We met a lot of nice people and Avery had a blast-there are SO many kids in the area!!

Someone in the area had a bounce house so they brought it and set it up-it took Avery awhile to get up the courage to go in...but once she did we had to drag her out of it!

It did rain while we were there-actually it poured. We all huddled under a tent and I'd say within 10-15min it stopped and then it was a beautiful evening.

I thought for sure Avery would crash when we got home, but to my surprise she didn't fall asleep until 9:45!! She must have been too excited about all of her new friends!!

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