Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Yesterday was Avery's actual birthday! Her daycare was closed Mon/Tues of this week for a short summer break, so I decided to take her birthday off and be home with her.

We had a pretty good day! We opened a few of her new toys (a "bike", her bubble lawn mower, and Dora bubble set) and pretty much spent the day playing outside. She had a blast using all of her new stuff!

After dinner, we gave Avery a cupcake leftover from her party and we had to sing to her of course!

Here she is posing with her lit cupcake (love the smile!):
And I actually got a shot of her blowing out the candles this time. And she did it on her first try again! Yay!

She was really enjoying the cupcake!

Chocolate?! What chocolate?!

After dinner, Gabe and I gave her our gift. I distracted her while he brought it up from the basement and covered it up. Then we told her that her gift was in the back room. She went running and was looking all around for it! I think it took her a good minute before she realized that something was covered up!

Taking a peek under the blanket....what could it be?!

A new art desk!

And she sat down to use it right away! As soon as she figured out what it was, she ran around saying "crayons" until we found them!

I think she had a really great birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!

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Joelle said...

adorable! I cant wait to experience the 2nd birthday!