Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today Avery and I drove by the new house. It was later in the day and it had been raining on and off during the afternoon. When we pulled up I wasn't sure if we should even get out since it was a huge, muddy mess. But Avery was not thrilled with being in the car, so I took her out and we walked around for maybe 5minutes-of course my shoes got caked in mud!!

It's amazing to see how fast the house is going up! It's actually starting to look like a house now!

This is the front-garage is on the right. This is the back of the house-morning room far left, family room to the right

This is the back entrance which is off of the garage. They actually have each room framed now so all you can see is wood!

We didn't go inside because it was pretty wet, but through one of the "windows" I could see stairs!!

I can't wait for the second story to start going up!

Tonight at dinner we had corn on the cob. I always cut Avery's off of the cob for her. Well, she ate about 2 bites of it then said "big corn"! She wanted to hold it and eat it just like we do! So, I let her!

I have to say, she did pretty well getting most of the corn off! It was so cute watching her do it too!

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