Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two Months Old!

Yesterday, baby Cassandra turned two months old!

She had her two month check up earlier this week. She's 21 1/4" long (15th percentile) and 9lbs 8.5oz (25th percentile)....still a peanut! She also got her first set of shots. She screamed her little head off, but was really good the rest of the day. She slept like a champ that night and only woke up once to was heaven!

She is still wearing some newborn clothes and is still in newborn diapers!

She's still eating every 2.5-3hrs during the day now. She is doing one longer stretch after she goes to bed and then after that it varies.

This girl is on a nice bedtime routine. She started getting really fussy one night around 7:15. She just cried and cried no matter what. I tried feeding her and even when she finished she kept on crying. So for the hell of it, I said I was putting her to bed. We went upstairs, I swaddled her and the kid passed out and I didn't hear from her until 2am!  So believe it or not, every night she goes to bed between 7-8pm now! She's usually up twice to eat overnight-once around 1-2am and once around 4-5am. Then she's up between 7:30-8:30 in the morning for the day.  Naps are hard to come by-she loves being held when she sleeps. Put her down and she wakes right up. It's somewhat of a pain! I'm hoping that changes much as I love holding her my arms can only take so much!

Cassandra has started smiling and cooing at us-it's the cutest thing ever!  She has also found her hand and loves sucking on it. She makes TONS of bubbles with her mouth and drools like crazy-Avery never did it to this extent! 

Here are her photos!!

Avery took this pic all by herself!!
My faves:

Just for kicks, here are Avery's two month pics!

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buffalojoe said...

So cute! The last one is my favorite, it seems to fit the description of her personality thus far! We can't help but compare our two - where it is clear they're related, there are countless nuances that make us swoon for each of them differently! Keep working on those sleep routines and it will happen sooner than you know. Seems like she is similar to Avery with the shortage of napping :)