Friday, March 16, 2012

Sleep Study Results

Yesterday we had our follow up with the sleep clinic for Avery's sleep study results.

We talked a little bit about her bloodwork.  We hadn't started the prescription iron and wanted to see if there were any other options. We hate to pump her up with prescription drugs when she doesn't really need it. We came to the decision that we're going to try a multivitamin with added iron for now. She'll take it for 10-12 weeks then will get her blood drawn again to see if it's making a difference. If not, then we'll bump up to the prescription iron.

Then it was on to the actual sleep study results.


She has sleep apnea!

They found that she has a decent number of arousals per hour, and a lot of them during REM sleep. Whatever number they use to determine it, she was just above the cutoff of having moderate sleep apnea.

So, now we have to see an ENT about possibly having her tonsils removed.  If they don't think the tonsils are an issue, then we explore other options-medicine or a CPAP machine (can you imagine?!). I actually called the ENT right after our appointment yesterday and they got us in today already which is super fast! 

It's just funny how we ended up where we are....we went to the sleep clinic because we had issues getting her to fall asleep (which the NP told us today was probably "just a phase") and we're leaving there with possibly 2 medical diagnosis....restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea.  According to the NP, we would have ended up there somehow....if it wasn't now, it would have been in the future because of some other issue this would have caused.  It's just funny how things turn out sometimes!

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