Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday I took Avery to the was quite the day.

I got both of us ready and out of the house on time (yay!).  On the way, Avery kept saying, "Mommy?  I want to go nite-nite." I kept telling her to sit back and relax.  About a mile away, she starts to cry.  Two blocks away I turn to look at her and she's puking everywhere!  She has never gotten sick before so she was choking, etc.  She threw a fit when she saw that she puked on her beloved bear. 

I'm rushing to get there and realize I have nothing with diaper bag, no change of clothes, etc.  So I get there and park. I find 5 napkins in my glove compartment which had to suffice. I get Avery cleaned up the best that I can and get her seat cleaned up as best I can.  Mother of the year takes her into the ENT's office with her outfit soaking wet in puke!

The appointment itself was very fast. Avery did great as usual-sat in the big chair all by herself and opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and said "Ahhh" like a pro! The doc checked her out and, like expected, wants her tonsils out. I didn't schedule a date yet because I want to talk things over with Gabe first. One of the dates is right before Easter (boo!), but I would still be on maternity leave for her recovery, which is a plus. We'll see.

We get home, my Mom leaves (she was still here visiting) and I take Avery upstairs for her nap. She goes to her room and I go to the bathroom. I go into her room and she had peed the bed!  The sheets, comforter, and mattress pad all needed to be stripped as well as her clothes of course. So I left her in her room to rest with a bare mattress and a pillow. She never naps so I didn't think it was a big deal.

After about 20 minutes I did a poop check on her (she's known to poop at naptime) and sure enough she pooped. I change her and her diaper had leaked all over her clothes! Of course when I go to take them off, her legs are covered in poop! So there was another outfit change for the day! 

Luckily Cassandra slept through most of this but woke up shortly after. I went up later to check on Avery and this is what I saw:

Yep, napping on the floor right in front of her door!  It figures that the one day she decides to nap, she has a bare bed! I felt terrible!

The rest of the day went fine, but man it was a heck of a morning!

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buffalojoe said...

yep. with two kids that puke regularly, I can sympathize. as for the nap, she didn't seem to mind :)