Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Months Old!

Today Avery is two months old! I can't believe how fast the time is going! She is definitely changing day by day it seems. She has started smiling like crazy a few weeks ago and she tries to "talk" to us now. She coos and tries to imitate the sounds you make which is so cute! Her latest discovery in the past week or so has been her hands-she constantly has them in her mouth! Her pics were hard to take today because I had to fight away the hands so I could see the sticker on her onesie! Her other recent thing is sticking her tongue out a lot and drooling! It's pretty funny! Her sleeping patterns are improving-she generally does one longer stretch overnight-she has gone as long as about 9 hours which is amazing! Some nights she gets up more than others, but it's definitely improving. She is becoming more alert and loves looking at her mobiles and stuffed animals now-she loves laughing at them!

After yesterday's doctors appointment, we had a pretty rough day dealing with her having shots. She pretty much slept all day long. She was up maybe 2 hours at the most for the entire day and 95% of those 2 hours she screamed her head off! I was shocked that she slept most of the night too-she got up to eat a few times, but she really caught up on sleep yesterday. Today she seems to be in a much better mood thankfully!
Here are her pics from this morning!
I love the collection of drool in her mouth:

Talking to me??

A little of the tongue:

Somewhat of a laugh:


Anonymous said...

Oh Nit!!! She is adorable and WOW does she look Italian.... love that! You and Gabe are truly blessed. TTUS, Frannie

Katie M. said...

Time flies. She's sooo precious! Beautiful like her Mommy!

Nicole said...