Sunday, August 9, 2009


We went to Buffalo Sat-Sun this weekend for a visit. There were two reasons we went-one was that my sorority from college was having a little reunion and the other was that my childhood friend who now lives in Florida was going to be in town.

We left our house around 1pm on Saturday and drove right to my Dad's house. He hasn't seen Avery in a few weeks so we wanted to stop by so he could see her. We dressed her up in a dress that my Dad and Colleen got her and she looked so cute!

After that we went to my Mom's and just hung out the rest of the night. On Sunday morning my friend Megan came over with her husband Todd and son Noah. My friend Sara, who I've known since in our Moms' wombs, was in town from Florida so she came over with her husband Brian and her daughter Madeline who is about 18months old. Here is Sara holding Noah:


Sara and Madeline, Megan and Noah, Avery and I:

After they left, we went for a little sorority reunion. It was supposed to be at a park, but of course the weather didn't cooperate so a girl volunteered to have it at her house. I forgot my camera so I don't have any pics, but it was good to see a few of the girls from the old days. After the gathering we headed back home and just relaxed the rest of the night. Later at night I couldn't find the cat and heard a rustling in a basket next to our TV. It's a pretty tall basket and occasionally she hops in there and hops back out. Well, apparently this is her new place to hide out and chill. It's pretty funny so I snapped a pic of her!

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