Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bath Time!

I just realized after all of the baths we have given Avery, I never took too many pictures to document it. So last night was bath night and I had to grab a few pics. Usually I do the bathing, but tonight asked Gabe if he wanted to give it a shot and he chose to! Avery is just starting to somewhat enjoy bath time. She used to scream bloody murder each time, but now she is tolerating it more each time. I think we can get through an entire bath without crying now. She doesn't love it yet, but I have a feeling she will soon! At the end of her bath, Gabe admitted it was actually fun! And she's just so darn cute!
Here's Gabe lathering her up:

All wrapped up in her towel:

Getting dried off after on her changing table:

Squeaky clean baby:

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