Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Many People!!

We have had a very busy few days-lots of visitors and visiting! It all started on Thursday when Avery and I went to her first playgroup. We went to a local library and I think she enjoyed it! She was watching all of the kids and was really good. This is her taking a little snooze after we got home:

On Friday my friends Megan and Renee came in from Buffalo for a visit. Megan brought along Noah so him and Avery could see each other. We had a nice time visiting, ordered some pizza and watched the kids.
Here's Noah with milk mouth after his bottle:

Avery (2mos) and Noah (4mos):

After Megan and Renee left, my coworker Fran stopped over for a visit with Avery. It was nice seeing her since I haven't really seen her since I left work. That will change in a few weeks though! When Fran left, Gabe and I went to Panera for a quick bite to eat then we met his parents at Lugia's for some delicious ice cream!

Saturday we lounged around in the morning. Around dinner time we went to our friends Julie and Richie's house. We haven't seen them since they visited us in the hospital when Avery was first born. Their daughter Carly just turned a year and a half so we couldn't wait for her to meet Avery. When we first showed Avery to her, Carly kept shaking her head "no". It was funny. But she warmed up eventually to give her a kiss:

and a hug:

Later, Avery took a snooze in Julie's arms:

while Carly enjoyed Avery's carseat:

Carly had fun at the end of the night showing us her high heeled shoes! She's pretty good at walking (and running) in them!

Our busy days continue today as well. Our Aunt Connie and Uncle Francis are stopping over to meet Avery this afternoon. For dinner, we're having a cookout with our neighbors next door! So it has been a few busy days for us but it has been a lot of fun too! A nice way to spend one of our last summer weekends!

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