Monday, August 3, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend once again. Friday night Gabe and I took Avery to Cobbs Hill Pizza for dinner-we were in the mood for pizza but didn't want to go somewhere too crowded. Avery of course did fine which is always nice :)

Saturday we met his parents at the public market. We haven't been there since Avery has arrived so it was nice going! I miss getting my good deals on fruit since I eat so much of it! It was crowded as usual, but we made it through and did our usual relaxing at Boulder Coffee afterwards. It was nice and a beautiful day for it! A little bit later in the afternoon, we went to the Park Ave. Fest. Gabe and I went a few years ago but haven't been since-we always had something going on the same weekend. So we decided to go this year and check it out. It is one of the largest festivals in Rochester-I swear we walked about 5miles (yes I mapped it out to see!). The only thing we left with was food in our bellies! I like going to the festivals, but never really go to buy anything. Not sure why that is, but it's something to do!

Yesterday we had Gabe's company picnic at Seabreeze. We probably wouldn't have gone except that it was free. I still can't go on rides because of my c-section plus we took Avery with us, so who would watch her if we went on rides?! We just went and had lunch then walked around the park and visited with a few people. We were only there maybe 3 hours but it was nice to get out and about. The weather was ok while we were there-just as we were heading out it started to rain so I think we may have missed the bad weather. After coming home we just relaxed the rest of the night. Overall, a pretty good weekend....although no pictures to show any of it!!

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