Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taking the Bottle

Avery has taken a bottle a few times now and so far has not had any problems with it. We had a picnic today so I brought along a bottle for her since it's been a few weeks that she's had one. We have a wedding to go to on Friday night and she'll need to eat from one, so I figured she should have some more practice before then. Plus, I go back to work in a few weeks (UGH!) and she'll be taking them a lot more then. Practice makes perfect right?

Anyways, I've never been around when she's had a bottle. If I'm around, she might as well just nurse. But at the picnic today I was there and it was the first time I saw her drink out of a bottle! I have to admit she was so cute! And she ate like a champ once again!

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