Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Owen!

Last night we went over to my Sister-In-Law's house to celebrate our nephew's 5th birthday. I seriously cannot believe he's turning 5 already!

About a month after I started dating Gabe, his sister announced she was pregnant. And that was almost 6 years ago now which boggles my mind. So I've been around since Owen's beginning and it's hard to believe how fast those years have gone by! And yes, it scares me to think that Avery will be 5 in no time!

His birthday is really next Monday, but my sister-in-law is working all weekend and they are going to Aruba next week so she had his party early and on the same day as his kids party (hence the half-eaten cake you'll see!).

Here's Avery all dressed up and ready to party:

Avery with Grammy:

Lighting the candles on the cake:

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Make a wish and blow the candles out:

Our niece, Bianca, opening a gift Pa and Grandma brought her:

Owen in his new wagon:

Owen and Bianca in the wagon:

Opening gifts:

Happy Birthday Owen! Enjoy your special day next week!

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