Friday, August 14, 2009

I Did It!

...and here's my proof!

(I know, I know...the suspense is killing you!)

So I haven't had a real haircut in almost three years now---yes, THREE years! When Gabe and I got engaged, my hair was pretty short:

Knowing our wedding was on the horizon, I started to grow out my hair because I wanted to wear it up and have no problems getting the hairstyle I wanted. You can see the picture of us in the right margin-that was at our rehearsal dinner. So that's how much my hair grew in about a year and a half. Of course I got it trimmed here and there, but no more than an inch each time.

After the wedding, I was dying to cut my hair shorter. But then I got thinking-if I cut my hair, I might as well put it to good use. The problem was that to donate it, you needed at least 8 inches. And at that point, 8 inches would have taken me super, super short...which I didn't want. The shortest I ever had my hair was around april/may 2005. I can't find a pic from then, but found this one from August 2005. My hair is curled so it's a little shorter than usual, but you get the idea.

So, I decided to keep growing my hair until I had enough to donate. Well, my hair got to be where it is now and it seems to have stopped growing. Whether or not it really stops, I don't know, but it's been at the same length for awhile. I remember this happening when I was a kid too. I always wanted hair to my butt and once it hit mid-back, it seemed to stop! I decided since I'm off of work for awhile and Avery has been finding my hair that it was time for a change. Last night I went to Pasquale Salon here in Rochester and made the cut! Here are some photos of me before I left (yeah I forgot to brush my hair so it looks sloppy!).

Side view:

Back view:

And here is me less than 2 hours later with a new cut and highlite:

Side view:

Back view:

And me with the ponytail I'm donating:

I decided to donate to Children With Hairloss. I had another place in mind but then Heather over at Heather Drive recently chopped her hair as well and I used a link from her site to find a few other hair donation places. The one I originally was going to go with didn't impress me much. I emailed them a few questions and they weren't very friendly and didn't seem too excited or happy that I wanted to donate so I decided to change my mind. The problem was that my hair was highlited already and most sites will not take color treated hair. So my options were limited, but I did find a place which makes me happy. I'm glad my hair will get put to good use.

And my new cut? I like it! I wanted it to be layered (it isn't right now) but he (yes my first time having a man do my hair) talked me out of it. The reason is because I just had Avery, I'll be shedding hair. I guess when you're pregnant, your body retains all of its hair. Then a few months after the baby comes, you shed all of the hair you should have shedded during those 10months. So your hair tends to look a lot thinner and you have new, short hairs replacing the ones you lost. So basically your hair layers itself! He said if he had layered it, then I started to shed, my hair would look extra thin and too layered. So we stuck with all one length for now and in a few months once my hair has adjusted itself, I can get a more "stylish" cut. It is funny running my hands through it and washing it though-there is nothing there! It'll take a few days to get used to that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful, Nicole! Glad you found someone happy for the donation and also used color treated hair. We never heard of one that did that. Looks like a perfect new mom haircut and you look great!

Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

Your new cut looks fantastic, i'm glad you were able to donate the locks..:) I'd like to grow my hair out for the same reason, but don't think I have the patience..:)