Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Easter (for us)!

Yesterday we celebrated Easter.

Avery is having her tonsils removed later this week and we knew she would be in rough shape for Easter. Luckily, she's young enough that she doesn't know when the holiday actually is, so we decided that yesterday was really Easter. We wanted her to be able to really enjoy it and eat the candy, etc. so that's why we decided to do that.

We got up in the morning and got the girls all gussied up:
out of the 5 I took, this was the best believe it or not!

Gabe's parents and his sister and her family all came over around 11 for brunch. I made an egg/sausage casserole and bought bagels and pastries. His sister brought a fruit salad and cupcakes and his parents brought a french toast casserole and some bacon to cook up. We had more than enough food!

After brunch, the kids played in the basement while we hid some easter eggs for them. Here they are coming up and getting their bags to start the fun!

Avery finding an egg!

Owen and Bianca searching for eggs:

Then once they found them all, they opened all of their eggs to see what they got!

And I had to get a family photo since we don't get them taken very often! Don't mind the mess on the couch-haha!

The kids went back in the basement to play and my in-laws hauled in their baskets from them-they got a lot of nice things!!

Once everyone left, we put Avery down for her rest time. That was when the Easter Bunny came! He left them more eggs and some nice baskets!  Cassandra's is on the left, Avery's on the right!
We had a very nice day! Avery had a blast looking for the eggs and her baskets and of course eating some "treats"!  Happy Easter to us!!

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