Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twelve Months Old!

Yesterday, our baby girl turned one! What an emotional time for parents...goodbye to the infant, hello to the toddler stage. Even harder when this is your last baby! No more first times for things (which is good and bad depending). And honestly, I think I baby her more than I did Avery-probably my way of holding onto my baby. With Avery I already had her weaned from breastfeeding pretty well at this age and with Cassandra I'm in no rush. She can take her sweet ol' time crawling, walking, etc. I just want to savor these precious moments because they fly by and soon enough, my baby won't be a baby anymore....heck, she isn't one already!

Anyways...on to our monthly updates. She's wearing mostly 9 month clothing, some 12month stuff depending what it is. She's in size 3 diapers for daytime and 4's for overnight.

She's finally consistent in sleeping through the night *insert happy dance* which means I've been getting some decent sleep....well, sort of. I think it takes awhile for your body to adjust to being able to sleep as I still wake up frequently overnight.  Cassandra is still napping twice a day most days. She'll go in spurts of taking only one nap, but then will go back to 2 so who knows.  

She's nursing 4 times a day now-wake up, both naps, and bedtime. I probably should wean her from the naptime ones and start getting her better with the sippy cup, but again, I'm in no rush to cut her off. I'm struggling with what to do on this!

Cassandra's been having 2-3 meals a day depending how our mornings go. Some days it's hectic so she doesn't always get breakfast and others she does. She typically has a snack though if she doesn't get a meal first thing. Some new foods for this month include: broccoli, steak, french fries, pork, baked potato, chicken pot pie, crackers, sausage, eggs, pizza, pancake, pickles, cereal bar, animal crackers. She's just like Avery and loves her fruits and veggies!

Let's things for this month! Her first Christmas! She shrugs her arms as if saying "where is it?" She plays peek-a-boo and covers her eyes with her hands! She has 2 more teeth (4 total now)! Cassandra went from lying down to sitting up! She points at things. She says the "ba" sound for ball, balloon, baby, book. She's crawling on her hands and knees now! Sometimes she goes back to her silly crawl, but she's all over the place! We dropped her crib mattress because she started pulling up to kneel. She also started giving hugs (*love*) and making kissing sounds. Cassandra has signed "more" and "eat". She randomly drank from a straw one day too...guess I'll have to see if she can do it again! She can find your nose and point to it. And one funny thing is that she took Gabe's phone and put it up to her ear and I'm pretty sure she said "Hi!" Too cute (and too smart!)!

Here are her pics!

My faves:

With her "buddy"

And here is a flashback to Avery's 12 month pics!

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