Saturday, April 13, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday-I'm officially 34 now (holycrapwherehasthetimegone?)!

I'm officially at the stage where when someone asks how old I am, I have to really think before I answer-my age doesn't roll off my tongue like it used to. And seriously, when did I turn 34?! Wow....some things just throw you for a loop. Like when people mention the 90's and you realize it was 20 years ago...yeah 20! How is that possible? And another thing is that I now remember my parents being my age. When they were 34, I was 9-so I remember them at my age which just seems weird! And I digress....

It was a good day....

The girls and I went to a local play place for the first time. The weather outside was not good at all so we had to find something indoors to do. So we went there for about 2 hours in the morning. The kids had a ball-Avery was all over everything and Cassandra spent a lot of time just scoping the place out. Most of the stuff was too big for her, but she did have fun!

Then we came home and the kids had lunch and went down for rest time. I took the time to do absolutely nothing-which was wonderful! I watched a show on TV, read a little and just relaxed. Perfection!

After naps, we actually went back to the play place (they let you return if you keep on your bracelet which is cool) for another hour. This time it was just us and one other girl! It was really nice! I actually climbed on some stuff with Cassandra so she could partake in the fun. It was a good time!

We came home and got dinner started-steak, baked potatoes and broccoli.  Gabe brought home some cupcakes for dessert so after dinner they sang to me.  I also opened up my presents-2 new belts and an iPhone 5! Nice!!

The kids went to bed shortly after and Gabe and I just relaxed-we watched a show together then went to bed shortly after.

Nothing over the top, but  my kind of day!  Avery kept asking me all day when my party was....sorry kid, but when you get older, you just don't have parties! This was just a perfect day for me!

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