Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fifteen Months Old!

Baby girl Cass turned fifteen months old yesterday!

She's still in 9 or 12 month clothing these days. She's just a peanut! She had her doctor's appointment Monday and she's only 28.25" long (Avery was 31" at this age) and she's 18lb 10.5oz! She's only in the 5th percentile for both...yep, a little peanut! And I love it!

Cassandra is still a good sleeper at night-11-12 hours typically. She's down to just one nap now. Usually it ranges from 1-3 hours! I'd say most of the time it's about a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

 She's only nursing once at bedtime now. I did start mixing in whole milk a few weeks ago and she's doing just fine with the transition like Avery did, which is a relief!

Cassandra is still a great eater. The only new thing I can think of that she tried this month is hummus. And she loved it! Honestly, she'll try anything you put in front of her!

My girls were both early talkers and Cassandra is picking up words left and right. Some new ones this month: "Mommy" (instead of Mama), ""wa" (walk), "pretty", "egg", "yellow", "flower", "bay bo" (belly button), "cookie", "doctor", "Doda" (Dora). Some new animal sounds this month: "Neigh", "woof", "baa", "moo" and an elephant sound. She also started signing "please".

Also this month, Cassandra got 4 teeth...bringing her up to 9 total (Avery had 16 by now!). Poor Cass cut 5 of them at once-I felt so bad for her-it has to hurt!  Another first-she pooped in the bath! Avery did it once but she was an itty-bitty baby when it happened. So it's funny that Cass just did it now for the first time!  She has also been standing by herself and can go from a squat to standing!  She loves walking while we hold her hands. If you are carrying her and try to set her down, she says "wa" (walk) and stiffens her legs so she can walk! Too funny!  She is obsessed with belly buttons and always has to see them! She has started trying to use a fork now. She has done it a few times by herself which is great! And on Monday morning, Cass took 2 steps all by herself!  We might have a walker on our hands soon! Uh oh!

I took her photos a day early because I had to work yesterday. Here's what we got:
Hi Avery!
Hugging the giraffe:
Falling over because she got the chair rocking really fast!
With her fave bear "buddy"

This is how she is a LOT lately....sucking one thumb and twirling her hair with the other hand. It's so.freaking.cute!
Happy girl:
Flashback: Avery at fifteen months

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