Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!!

This morning I took Cassandra over to my in-laws' house so that they could watch her while Avery and I had a shopping date. Girlfriend needed some new boots and she's at the age where I need her to try them on. She's also at the age where she can finally tell me if they fit and feel ok, which is great by the way!  So Avery and I went to several stores...and I realized that she's quite picky! Kohl's and Old Navy had nothing she even liked (just by looks alone). TJ Maxx had no children's boots at all. So that left Target for us to hit. Luckily she found a pair that she liked and they actually fit her good too! Score!

We met my in-laws for lunch and then headed home for Cassandra's nap. We were supposed to go to their daycare for a party, but Cassandra decided to sleep too late for us to go. I was a little bummed, but it's ok.

Gabe brought us home some pizza for dinner and we got the kids all ready to trick-or-treat! We were all very excited about it!

First though, here are the awesome pumpkins that Gabe carved. I swear, he had a hidden talent!

Strawberry Shortcake
The girls posed for a quick picture, then they were off!
Gabe took them out first while I "manned the fort" and handed out candy. Then we swapped jobs.  It sprinkled most of the time so we all got wet. Amazingly, Avery never complained about the rain or getting wet (she is so water phobic!) and she walked the entire time. She was very into it this year. Cassandra had fun although I carried her most of the time. The houses are so spread apart that it's a lot for her to walk by herself. She didn't want to come home though!

After an hour or so, they called it quits and came home to survey the loot!
Notice Cassandra's bag broke!

Cassandra's pile

Avery's pile
I was going to let them eat whatever they wanted tonight. Go figure-they both chose huge lollipops that took them forever to eat. And they both chose pretzels. Silly kids!

Happy Halloween!!

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