Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Leigha!

Yesterday we took a trip to Buffalo.

First, we stopped at my Mom's for a bit-had some yummy lunch and did lots of playing!
So darn cute with the pigtails!

Mom and Avery
Then it was off to my friend Megan's house for her daughter's 2nd birthday! Avery of course was so excited-she's very "into" birthday parties these days. Whenever a birthday is mentioned, she'll ask, "What kind of party is it? What kind of cake will there be?"  It's pretty funny!

The kids played pin the wand on Tinkerbell:
and Cassandra watched:
She had lots of fun with this little dog too!
We had some great food and then of course it was cake time! Isn't it beautiful?!

After cake, she opened presents and then most people left. We hung around for maybe another half hour and let the kids play. Then it was time for jammies and time to hit the road to head home. But before leaving, I had to get a pic of the birthday girl in her cute outfit!
Unfortunately, she was too close so you can't see her green tutu and matching shoes that are adorable! Happy 2nd Birthday Leigha!!

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