Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Twenty Two Months!

Over the weekend, Cassandra turned twenty-two months old!

I feel like I repeat myself a lot on these because not much changes at times. She's still wearing 12-18 month clothes. The 18month pants are still too long on her so we're always rolling the waist or something to hike them up. Shirts and onesies fit her fine though.

She's still a good sleeper, although we have been having a rough patch because of her coughing. For about a month straight she coughs like crazy overnight. She has little "attacks" that range from a half hour up to 2 hours! She does sleep through them most of the time, but it keeps me up for sure! I had her at the doctors two weeks ago and they had me try allergy medicine for her, which did nothing. We went back to the doctors on Friday and now she's on amoxicillin-they think it's a sinus infection. So far, it seems to be helping, which is good! Now she's back to sleeping through the night and napping for about 2hrs in the afternoon.

Cassandra is a pretty good eater. She has her picky days of course but overall she does pretty well. And she's getting to the age where she can tell us what she wants, which is nice.

She finally got her last canine in so she's now up to 16 teeth. Just the 2 year molars to go!

Some new words this month include: "pumpkin", "sprinkles". Some phrases include: "____ right there", "my room", "hold my hand", "dot org", "what you say?", "eww gross", "____ gross".

Cassandra plays a "where's Daddy" game with Avery where they ask questions about where he is. Cass will say "is he moon?" "is he bus?" and Avery will usually respond with "no" until she guesses the right answer. It's pretty cute!

Cassandra also has learned a lot of color words, but doesn't always get them right. For some reason, she calls everything either yellow or blue! She'll get them one of these days! She also tries really hard to count. She can get 1-4 then she skips to 8,9 then 13!

If we ask Cassandra what her name is, she says it. It comes out "Danda".

Avery has started loving the song "Wrecking Ball" so now whenever it comes on or one of us sings it, Cassie will say "Wreck Ball".  Also, we sing a song "Oh Cassie Mac" (to the tune of "O Canada") and Cassie will say "OK Cassie Mac" very excitedly after! It cracks us up!

She has really good manners and says thank you all of the time. We very rarely have to prompt her and sometimes she says it to us when it's not needed. It's so sweet!

Getting pics this month was tough-she wasn't in the mood, but I tried my best!
giraffe hugs

happy huh?!

My two faves:

I told her to smile! Haha!
Flashback-Avery at twenty-two months!

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