Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy 6th Bianca!

Friday night we went to my Sister-in-Law's house for my niece's family birthday party (we have the kid party next weekend!).

We got there and ate some dinner. Then while we digested, the kids did a piƱata. Cassandra even got to try it and I think she got a kick out of it!
Of course when the candy fell, she was clueless and just sat there sucking her thumb and watching everyone get the candy! But the kids were all good sports and gave her her own bag of goodies!
Then it was present time!
For every kids' birthday, my in-laws give every kid a gift. So Cassandra and Avery got to open up a present too! Cassie got a nice new drawing set (which she loves by the way).
I didn't get a picture of it, but Avery got a porcelain doll that's dressed up like a garden fairy. She loves it too!
After presents, it was cake time!
Happy Birthday Bianca!
This one loves her cake (who doesn't?!)!
It was a really fun time-the kids all had a ball as usual! Party #2 next weekend!

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