Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

We had a very nice Thanksgiving.

Our ritual on Thanksgiving morning is that we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then watch the Macy's parade. Avery was pretty into it this year-was anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival.  Cassandra barely watched it-she's too young to get it!

After we all got showered and dressed and Cassie napped, we headed to my in-laws' for dinner. My Mom and Aunt also made the trip from Buffalo to join us.
My girls
Can you tell someone just woke up?!  (FYI my sweater is purple-same as Cassandra's. Why it photographed blue, I have no idea!)

Family photo

Group shot!
Dinner was fabulous as always. We stayed over until around 8:30 or so, then headed home to get the kids to bed. We had a really nice day. It's one of my favorite holidays because you get to relax, eat, and enjoy each other!

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